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Advanced risk administration
Strategic investmentsYurii Kitikari

Yurii Kitikari Head of Risk

“Our core objective is to achieve financial expansion through the utilization of advanced systematic trading strategies. The market expertise and cutting edge technology yield profitable outcomes while maintaining a robust risk management process”
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Advanced process based trading strategies are the cornerstone of our success. Crafted by seasoned experts and powered by cutting-edge technology, our approach is designed to navigate the market volatility and capitalize on growth opportunities.

Risk layering

Advanced risk management systems create multiple layers of protection for the trader.

Screening process

Tailor-made screening tools help our team members find and execute the best setup in seconds

Data-Driven Decisions

Systematic trading, grounded in data provides a more objective approach to equities trading

Market Conditions

Our Macro Matrix tool is able to dynamically shift our view on the market increasing the probability

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